Our aim is to offer both end customers and e-commerce stores the best possible last-mile experience. That’s why we are constantly evolving. Interested? Reach out!

Scheduling component

With dropp, customers can select their preferred delivery time directly in the checkout process. By entering their delivery address, it will be checked whether dropp delivers to this address. If all products placed in the shopping cart are available in our warehouse, dropp will be displayed as the delivery method. If dropp gets selected as the delivery method, customers can then directly select a delivery window in the checkout process.

  • Customers never leave your website
  • Time slots can be selected directly on your website during checkout
  • After completing the order, customers can easily adjust the delivery slot 

Inventory in real time

We keep you informed at all times about the inventory that is stored with us. With dropp, you have full visibility of inventory levels in our distribution center and local warehouses. Together with you, we coordinate the replenishment orders that you deliver to our central distribution center. From there, we distribute the goods to our local warehouses as needed.

  • Real-time inventory
  • Overview of all warehouses
  • Store and ERP system independent
  • Replenishment simply coordinated

Track, Trace & Change

With our dropp interface for recipients, your customers can view the delivery details at any time. In addition, changes can be made to the delivery window – right up until shortly before the scheduled delivery. 

  • Customers have a perfect overview of their delivery 
  • ETA (estimated delivery time) is displayed and optimized in real time
  • Changes can be made at any time – even if the delivery is already in transit

On-site dropp icon

Products that can be delivered with dropp are already marked on the product detail page. This means that dropp’s fast delivery time can be actively advertised for. Delivery with dropp is only displayed if the person is actually located in a zip code that we can deliver to. 

  • Always clearly visible which products can be delivered with dropp
  • Legal display under data protection law
  • Even higher conversion and retention through active promotion of fast, flexible and sustainable delivery on the PDP

Shop cockpit

In the shop cockpit you have everything you need to know about dropp at a glance. Orders and inventory on SKU and bundle level are collected and visualized for you in an appealing way. You can see who ordered with dropp and when, and you can directly make your own analyses with the data provided. In the future, replenishment requests will also be automatically created here.


  • All information collected in one place
  • Updated in real time
  • Integration with different systems possible

Fulfillment update

We integrate with your store system to display the status of each order in real time. So you keep track in your store system what is still in delivery and what is already with the customer. The individual stages of the orders are picked, in delivery and delivered. 

  • Always up to date on all orders’ stages
  • Direct integration into the dashboard of your store system

Mit unserem dropp Interface für Empfänger können Kunden ihre Lieferdetails jederzeit einsehen. Außerdem können Änderungen am Lieferzeitfenster vorgenommen werden – und zwar bis kurz vor der geplanten Zustellung. 

COMING SOON: In Kürze werden wir außerdem unser Track & Trace Feature launchen, durch das Endkunden zusätzlich ihre Zustellung live verfolgen können.

Wir halten online Shops jederzeit über den Inventar, der bei uns lagert, auf dem Laufenden. Mit dropp habt ihr somit volle Visibilität über Lagerbestände in unserem Distribution Center und den lokalen Warenlagern in deutschen Großstädten. Gemeinsam mit euch erarbeiten wir Replenishment Bestellungen, die ihr in unser zentrales Distribution Center liefert, von wo aus wir die Ware in die lokalen Warenlager verteilen. 

Have a precise and real time overview of your inventory in each dropp location. We update directly the inventory in your webshop or your ERP. Know where SKUs are missing and act accordingly.

COMING SOON! We’re currently developing a dedicated admin panel to provide shops with a detailed overview of all dropp orders. Prepare and manage replenishments to our distribution center.

Dropp provides real time updates on the order fulfillment status. Your customers will know when the order is picked, dispatched and when it will be delivered next. 

With the tracking link, recipients can follow the delivery in real time and reschedule their delivery whenever they deem necessary.

Ready, set, go!