Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are merely the logistics service provider. The products are still ordered via our customers’ stores.

Die Integration mit dropp geht schnell. Vom ersten Call bis zum Go-Live sind es oft nur wenige Tage.

We are flexible regarding the scope of a pilot. We are happy to commonly define which city should be prioritized and start our pilot there.

No, you don’t have to deliver to each city separately. We will soon open a central warehouse so the goods of our partner stores can be delivered collectively. From this central warehouse we will send the products to our city warehouses several times a week.

The daily collaboration usually works via Slack. There is a channel for strategic questions, as well as a channel for inquiries that concern day-to-day business, such as inquiries from customers about whether they can change the delivery window. We have a dedicated customer service team for this.

No. dropp is only displayed to customers as a possible delivery method if we can deliver all products that are in the shopping cart. If this is not the case, dropp will not appear in the checkout.