“dropp’s fast lane delivery solution underscores our commitment to providing innovative products and better service on the last mile.” – Plants are Purple

Plants are Purple focuses on uncomplicated, sustainable and super fast delivery.


Berlin-based startup and D2C brand Plants are Purple opts for selling products directly to their customers. The founders cooperated with dropp to offer customers in major German cities a first-class delivery experience. Thanks to the delivery within three hours by dropp’s friendly eBike courier, the last mile of the customer journey can be experienced as a real strength. It credibly underlines the brand’s sustainability concept.


  • Challenge: The D2C brand Plants are Purple needs greater reach for its online store to grow without negatively impacting margins and brand image. It also needs outstanding delivery terms that can match brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Solution: With dropp’s fast lane delivery and fulfillment solution, Plants are Purple is establishing a high-level service. This matches the brand’s innovative strength and fulfills the demand for offering the highest possible customer orientation.
  • Results: dropp delivers Plants are Purple products to major cities within a few hours. This gives the customer experience an additional kick and promotes brand trust – a basis for long-term customer loyalty.


The market for natural cosmetics: fiercely competitive. 

For a long time, the market for natural cosmetics was dominated by a small number of brands. These brands organized their product distribution primarily through pharmacies and health food stores as well as online through multi-brand stores and shopping portals such as Amazon.

Meanwhile, the market is being shaken up by new and innovative brands such as Plants are Purple. These brands are putting an end to the somewhat dusty image that has long been attached to natural cosmetics. They reach urban and environmentally conscious target groups who are happy to be inspired by high-quality and innovative products with unusual stories.


Good marketing: not that easy.

Despite many potentials, the question of how remains. Classic marketing levers, such as discounts, may generate quick sales, but they often have a negative impact on margins. Elaborately planned product launches are also not easily realized and established in online retailing. It quickly becomes clear that such measures can damage the brand image more than you think!

Accordingly, it is important to motivate and inspire the target groups with communication that is oriented to the brand core and the central features.

First-class delivery experience: mandatory!

Despite all the positive effects that can be achieved via your own eCommerce store, you must optimize the entire customer journey. And this should happen all the way to the last mile, i.e. fast delivery. Customers are no longer satisfied with traditional shipping options. That’s why Plants are Purple deliberately needed other solutions that also offer a convincing delivery experience: innovative, simple, and sustainable.






Uncomplicated, environmentally conscious, and super fast: better with dropp!

Plants are Purple has been looking for a fulfillment partner with whom climate-neutral, CO2-emission-reducing, and, above all, super-fast delivery was possible. They found the right partner with dropp and can now deliver to four major cities within three (!) hours.

dropp currently has city bases in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Munich. In the following years, dropp will expand its storage capacities and offer fast lane delivery in additional cities. This also convinced Plants are Purple.

“With our online store for sustainable and innovative natural cosmetics, we have consciously decided against the classic sales channels in order to position ourselves really close to the customer. This is the only way we can make the entire customer experience sustainable and authentic. With dropp’s fast lane delivery solution, we underline our claim to offer innovative products and simply better service all the way to the last mile.” Amadeus A., Managing Director & Co-Founder Plants are Purple 

One, two, three: Go for it!


It only took 16 days from the commissioning by Plants are Purple until the go-live date with dropp’s delivery and fulfillment solution. The process took place in three simple steps:


  1. Download app. All relevant processes are controlled via the app. From in-stock availability to fulfillment and returns management, Plants are Purple has an overview of all logistics processes. This additionally provides a valid tool for strategic product alignment & improvement.
  2. Perform Onboarding Call. The dropp team guided Plants are Purple through the intuitive app to clear up any last ambiguities.
  3. Transferring products to the dropp warehouses. Plants are Purple selected products, packed them and sent them to the dropp Citybases. Done. 


“The onboarding process was a breeze for us and after just 16 days our products could be delivered via dropp. Our operations team appreciates the know-how of dropp and they support us on an equal footing to optimize our own logistics processes,” says Lina Oetken, Business Development & Operations at Plants are Purple.


Simply faster to competitive advantage.

Delivery and fulfillment at Plants are Purple fit. And they become a competitive advantage because the good and exceptionally fast delivery via the dropp city bases almost comes close to stationary trade and thus optimally appeals to urban target groups with a pronounced environmental awareness.

“Thanks to dropp, we are able to supply our customers in the major cities more quickly. And above all, we have can make our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, which has a positive effect on band awareness. We see this solution as a competitive advantage and are pleased to have dropp as a partner with whom we can continue to grow.” Amadeus A., Managing Director & Co-Founder Plants are Purple

Simply faster to impact.

Currently, fast lane delivery for Plants are Purple and other online stores is taking place in four major cities in Germany. dropp will be setting up city bases in other major cities as well. And it is clear that the online stores that are already connected, as well as the new ones that will be added, will benefit from this innovative logistics solution for urban life.

“The hustle is real! From the first delivery, which I delivered myself by bicycle, to now, we have achieved so much. At dropp, we are especially proud that our courier team is perceived as extremely friendly – and thus delivers an essential impact on the last mile for an optimal customer experience. ” Alessa Vogler, Co-Founder & MD at dropp

Sustainably on the course for expansion

“Plants are Purple is a true dream partner for us, with whom the chemistry is simply right. Not just in terms of corporate values such as sustainability, environmental awareness or service orientation. We are currently expanding our warehouses so that we can react flexibly to requirements and expand! And it is clear that emission-free delivery options will become the sustainable driver for the online retail of the future,” says Philip Braun, Co-Founder & MD at dropp.

About Plants are Purple – Berlin-based Naturkosmetik

Plants are Purple is a Berlin-based Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand and stands for uncomplicated, simply good natural cosmetics. Plants are Purple products are free from animal testing, animal ingredients as well as silicones, parabens, microplastics, or other questionable ingredients. The high level of transparency with regard to the products and their manufacturing processes as well as a pronounced customer involvement are lived practices in this startup. Thanks to the cooperation with Arktik, Plants are Purple is climate-neutral.