Increase your eCommerce sales through fast and sustainable delivery with dropp.

We deliver your eCommerce orders in flexible 2-hour time slots – immediately after the order is placed or at a later time, depending on your customers’ wishes. 

Together we are reinventing the last mile!

dropp is your fast, flexible and sustainable delivery alternative.

With dropp, you integrate a fast, flexible and sustainable delivery method directly into your checkout – quickly and easily via an app.

Instant, same-day, next day(s) - we deliver whenever following your customers' rules

Customers choose a 2-hour delivery window. We deliver between Monday and Saturday, from 10 am to 11 pm. The delivery window can be changed at any time.

Many eCommerce stores already rely on dropp:

Viele eCommerce stores already rely on dropp:

With dropp you can boost your store

Increased conversion

A simple checkout solution and the promise of fast, flexible and sustainable delivery lead to more customers completing purchases. Your conversion will go up.

Extended shopping cart

Through a personalized delivery experience, customers prefer your store compared to competitors and expand their purchases in your store to include additional product categories.

Growing customer loyalty

We exceed the expectations of your customers. >90% of users rate our service 10/10. Customer satisfaction increases the number of returning customers, resulting in a higher customer lifetime value.

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Ready, set, go!


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